Healthy Hair Begins With A Healthy Scalp

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons for hair loss and thinning hair is from a build-up of hair care products and debris? The first step to healthy hair is the cleansing of the scalp to provide a foundation to improve healthy hair. At Salon Nouveau, we specialize in providing a full-spectrum solution.

The Right Hair and Scalp Products Matter

The things that we do to maintain general health and wellness are also true when it comes to your scalp and hair. At Salon Nouveau our goal is to help you maintain your appearance long after you leave. Our premium product line helps to keep your hair style while conditioning your hair and scalp.

The Hair Support Program

This is a proactive way to cleanse blocked follicles, stimulate the scalp, and increase blood circulation. This revitalizes hair follicles and releases dormant hair that was trapped beneath the scalp by a build-up of oil and hair care products. Hair Support can also be effective in the fight against medically related hair loss. Clients who have used the Hair Support program have noticed their hair returning in half the diagnosed time. A healthy scalp and strong hair stimulates hair growth. Hair Support Program is designed to do just that – promote and maintain a healthy scalp. Hair support offers a shampoo, conditioner, overnight scalp treatment as well as an in-salon professional scalp treatment, vitamins and styling products.

Hair Support Shampoo
The moisture binding properties prepare the scalp to receive the liposome encapsulated active ingredients, allowing for optimal delivery into the hair follicle. A unique blend of aromatic essential oils delights the senses and invigorates your scalp for a clean and refreshing experience.

Hair Support Conditioner 
Our thirst-quenching formula infuses the hydration your thinning hair craves. It helps prevent breakage and protects your hair from damage caused by heat, styling and environmental stress. Sealing in essential nutrients, this hair rejuvenating formula fortifies each strand, leaving your hair looking fuller, healthier and stronger.

Hair Support Booster 
This super charged formula contains anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and energy enhancers crucial for a healthy hair cycle. In addition, our light-activated ingredient helps combat environmental damage, transforming thinning hair into thicker, fuller looking hair.

Overnight Scalp Treatment

A patented treatment that deep cleans hair follicles and the scalp, potentially leading to the growth of dormant hair. Designed to be used with Hair Support cleansing and revitalizing shampoo and restructuring conditioner. Use one to two times weekly for best results.

In-Salon Professional Scalp Treatment

Similar to the overnight scalp treatment, the in-salon treatment is more concentrated and mixed with some powerful herbs. Applied to a scalp first cleansed with hair support cleaning and revitalizing shampoo, the treatment is massaged into scalp for a very relaxing 15 minutes then put under a hood dryer for 30 minutes. The hair is then shampooed again with a cleansing and revitalizing shampoo and followed by the restructuring conditioner. In certain cases this treatment is very effective in helping aid in stopping hair loss and protecting healthy growing hair. Treatment can be done every one to four weeks depending on severity of hair loss.

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