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index-replacement-baSome of us no longer possess the beautiful head of hair we once had, and others were never fortunate enough to ever have had it.

In the U.S. alone there are over 50 million men, 30 million women, and millions of children who experience hair loss, more particularly one of the forms of Alopecia. Androgenic Alopecia, which is the most common, is often associated with male and female pattern baldness. Alopecia Areata, on the other hand, are circular patches of hair loss found scattered around the scalp. And finally, what was once the end of the road-Aleopecia Totalis, which is the complete loss of scalp hair.

But all is not truly lost! Hair replacement is a viable and flexible option that can help you restore your hair, rebuild your confidence, and redefine the way you look at hair care.

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